The roots of this Bosniak society date back to the 1960s, when, in 1961, Bosniaks, together with other ethnic groups of Muslims in Victoria, founded the Islamic Community of Carlton. This community was the root of the first Bosniak association in Australia formerly named “Muslims brotherly Society of Victoria” that was established on, 27 th of March 1977.

Over time this society changed few locations and names and finally in 1992 Bosniaks permanently settled in Deer Park, where they founded “Islamic Society of Deer Park”, Suburban mosque, was built between 1993 and 1996, except for the minarets and dome that were built later on in 2003. Year of proclaiming was 1996.

In 1997 community got its present name “Australian Bosnian Islamic Center Deer Park” Officially and in the presence of the Honourable Grand Mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina dr. Mustafa ef. Ceric, the “Australian Bosnian Islamic Center Deer Park” was officially opened on 10 th of March. 2007 and handed over to the Islamic Community for use.

Our Community centre is made up of over 800 households and many of them are our financial members.

In addition to the mosque, with the space for worshiping to the capacity of 1000 spaces, it also contains religious classrooms, offices, library, reading room, bookstore, ablution area, and restaurant.

Currently we are employing two full time imams who are in charge of all five daily prayers are held, including Friday and AID prayers. During month of Ramadan special night prayers are also held. Religious school for youngsters is held on Saturdays, and has about 150 students of all ages.

We have active youth centre, senior meetings and ladies only gatherings. There are also active courses in the Arabic script, adult life, religious choir, and numerous lectures and books presentations, which are held during the year.

Connect with our Bosnian Youth Network Australia

The Bosnian Youth Network Australia is a youth organisation stemming from the Bosnian Australian Islamic Society. The aim of this network is to bring together the youth in the spirit of Islamic tradition and to strengthen our Bosniak cultural identity. The Bosnian Youth Network Australia is part of a global Bosnian Youth Network in Diaspora with its head quarters in Bosnia and Herzegovina.